If You Love Nature, You Have to Visit These Botanical Gardens All Over the World

Photo by Doruk Yemenici on Unsplash

Jardim Botanico, Brazil

This botanical garden in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is an incredible feat. Within it, there are over 6,500 species of plants, and it was originally created in the early 19th century as a way to introduce different plants and herbs to Europe. Now it’s used for a lot of research in Brazil, but also as a wonderful place to see all the gorgeous plants and birds that live in it.


Royal Botanic Gardens, England

Kew, England is home to one of the most fabulous indoors botanical gardens in the world, and is, in fact, the largest botanical gardens in the world. With more than 30,000 types of plants within the greenhouses, you will never find a collection like that anywhere else in the world! One of the greenhouses are even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is only one of three with that title in the world.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa has another botanical garden listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well! The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is especially different because there are only native plants in the garden, which is really special.