How to Travel With a Pet

Taking your pet on the road can be challenging. Some pets are not used to taking long trips and this can be a stressful time for them. To ease their anxiety and make their experience enjoyable, here are some steps you can take:

Know your pet

Every pet has a different personality and tolerance towards change. This can be based on their age, breed characteristics and life habits. If you train your pet from an early age to spend hours in the car with you, there’s a bigger chance for things to go smoothly.

Bring their favorite toys and treats

Pets love to be entertained, and you can make them more comfortable by bringing things they are familiar with and that already have their scent. They will feel more at home, surrounded by a toy or a blanket they love.

Get pet carriers

These are super useful if your pet is on the hyper side. This way, you will ensure that your pet doesn’t accidentally get hurt and it prevents them from freely roaming around in your car or trying to get into your lap while you drive.

Make sure your pet is healthy

Don’t forget to bring their health certificate, as well as their passport if you are traveling to another country.

Take breaks

Make frequent stops for potty breaks and stretching. Pausing for some fresh air can be beneficial for both you and your pet, and can prevent any unhappy accidents from happening in the backseat. Taking breaks more often is necessary, especially if your pet suffers from motion sickness. If this is a serious problem, you can always ask your veterinarian for some anti-nausea or anxiety medication.

Find pet-friendly accommodation

Check if the places you’re staying in are pet-friendly. Many hotels and hostels nowadays have a pet-friendly policy, but it’s better to check with the staff in advance, so you can make sure your pet is welcome everywhere you go.