How to Travel Stylishly in the Spring

Man holding a suitcase
Photo by Navid Habibi on Unsplash

We all want to look good on vacation, but when it comes to dressing for the plane, train, or whatever transport you’re taking to your holiday destination, often comfort is key. This is as it should be, as no one wants to be uncomfortable four hours into a flight. However, there are ways to combine style with comfort, especially as the weather warms up a little and a new season begins. Check out these simple tips on traveling stylishly this spring.

Versatile Scarf

While you may have resigned your thickest, warmest scarves to your winter clothes storage, a good silk scarf can work wonders when traveling in the spring. Knot it around your hair to fend off frizz mid-flight, wrap it around your shoulders for an extra bit of warmth, or drape it around yourself to slightly cover up the fact that you’re in track pants underneath – it will lend an air of glamor and mystery which track pants simply can’t bring to an outfit.

Quality Cashmere

With the arrival of a new season, it’s time to shed those seriously heavy layers and thick sweaters that you’ve been bundled up in all winter. However, that doesn’t mean that spring weather can’t be chilly, and even if your travel destination is balmy and warm, the plane is likely to be cool due to the air-con. Wear a single layer of good quality cashmere in a neutral color such as white, grey, or cream. This looks expensive and stylish, but will also deliver plenty of warmth and soft comfort throughout your journey.

Stylish Flats

In winter, it’s easy to reach for the biggest boots you own. In spring, this footwear decision is not so simple. Is it time for strappy sandals and flip-flops, or do we still need waterproof boots and sneakers? Why not opt for a super stylish flat, something like a ballet pump or a kitten heel slingback? Not only are these shoes comfortable, but they will look great with pants, dresses, and skirts and are definitely on trend this season.