How to Save Money When Traveling In an RV

Tips for traveling in an RV on a budget
Photo by Vladimir Haltakov on Unsplash

Traveling in an RV has shot up in popularity during the pandemic, as it’s a great way to stay self-sufficient while still traveling and going on adventures. But hitting the road for weeks or even months at a time can get expensive. Here are a few tips on saving a few pennies while traveling in an RV.

Take Advantage Of the Kitchen

Traveling in an RV literally lets you bring a kitchen along for the ride. Make sure to stock up on long-lasting groceries such as frozen, canned, and dried food; Cereal, beans, rice, and frozen pizzas; lots of local fruits and veggies form wherever you鈥檙e passing through. You can also buy meats like pork and turkey if you have the option of freezing them so they don鈥檛 go bad.

Shop around for fuel

Besides the vehicle itself, fuel is often the next biggest expense for RV travelers. To save as much as possible on fuel, use an app like GasBuddy to see which station in your area is offering the most affordable fuel. Note that not every gas station is set up for a big RV to get into and out of easily, so you should always have a backup station in mind.

Invest In a National Park Pass

If you鈥檙e traveling within the U.S. and plan on exploring some of the county鈥檚 national parks, investing in a National Park Pass can save you a lot of money. Priced at $80 a year, this pass grants access to more than 2000 national parks and it covers standard amenities fees for adults (they are free for children under 15).