How to Get a Last-Minute Business Class Upgrade

Plane interior
Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

While boarding a flight to a fascinating holiday destination is exciting nonetheless, flying business class certainly comes with an additional sense of luxury and intrigue. If you remain alert when your flight is coming up, you may just be able to get yourself a business-class ticket without the high price tag. Here are some hacks to help you get a last-minute business class upgrade.

Use Your Elite Airline Status

If you use an airline credit card or belong to a frequent flyer program, then make sure to earn miles wherever and whenever you can. Many carriers such as American Airlines and Alaska Airlines offer complimentary upgrades to elite passengers.

Buy A Last-Minute Upgrade

Some airlines offer last-minute upgrade deals just hours before the flight takes off. Often, these deals allow you to use flight points so you can save a significant sum if there are business class seats available until that late hour.

Request an Upgrade at the Check-In Counter

If you arrive at the airport early, ask at the check-in counter if there is any chance for a business class upgrade. While not likely, there are some occasions on which airline staff are happy to provide an upgrade due to the plane being relatively empty.