How to Embrace Minimalism When Traveling

Photo by Josiah Weiss on Unsplash

Often when we think of the picturesque image of traveling it’s someone trekking through different countries with just a backpack. As lovely as this seems, it’s often not easy to pair back your items in order to travel super light. Embracing a minimalist outlook while traveling is helpful if you don’t want to be laden down. Here’s how to get into this mindset.

Choose Simple, Neutral Clothing

You’ll ideally want to have a capsule wardrobe of plain clothes that all pair with each other easily. Any clothing item that clashes and only works with a few things is a complete waste of valuable space.

Pair Back on Cosmetics

If you’re someone who usually loves a vigorous skincare routine then you’ll have to consider majorly simplifying this as you won’t want to be lugging around bottles of product. Just simple moisturizer, deodorant, and soap will have to keep you going.

Give Up Accessories

Many people love to embellish their outfits with some accessories. While it’s lovely to add your personal style with jewelry or layers, these outfit additions will have to be temporarily discarded in order to travel light and keep things nice and simple.