Hitchhiking Tips for a Happy Adventure

Photo by Atlas Green on Unsplash

Ever considered going on a hitchhiking adventure? This is how to keep it fun.

Pick a Good Spot

Help the cars stop for you and stand at a spot where it is safe, legal, and easy to stop, and where the speed is relatively low.

Look Clean

You don’t need to dress formal but if you look clean and tidy people will feel more comfortable letting them into their space.

Patience, But Not Too Much

Be patient but know when to call it a day and move to another spot and don’t get in a car that feels wrong just because it’s been a long wait.

Keep It Happy

This is good for you, but also will make people want to stop for you. Have a happy song in your head and a positive attitude.

Be Available

Once in the car be present, don’t spend the entire trip staring at your phone. Prepare some conversation topics and anecdotes to share with the drivers.

Be Generous

If you can contribute gas money, and if you have food share it.

Have a Destination, But Be Flexible

It’s good to know where you’re going, but wait to hear where the driver is heading, perhaps it’s a better idea!

Read the Room

If the dynamic isn’t fun, make up an excuse to be dropped off sooner. This will help both you and the driver.

Don’t Hitchhike If It Scares You

Bottom line, hitchhiking isn’t for everyone. Only do it if it’s fun.