Here’s How to Plan a “Safe-Cation” This Summer

Photo by Chris Meads on Unsplash

This year, summer is not what we imagined it to be. The coronavirus pandemic is still affecting the whole world and our plans for the perfect vacation are delayed for next year. If you still need a getaway, we suggest you plan a “safe-cation”—a short trip to a safe destination that’s not far away from where you live.

It’s more important than ever to carefully plan any potential vacation and make sure you stay safe and have a good time if you decide to go on one. Many hotels, restaurants, and transportation companies are loosening the restrictions and people are slowly starting to travel again, and you may be among them if you follow some safety guidelines. The good news is that most destinations won’t be crowded so you’ll get to enjoy them even more than you would in a regular situation.

Don’t travel if you or your family members are sick or not feeling well. If you’re traveling abroad, make sure that you’ll be able to go through the border or board the plane. If you can, book a hotel that offers free cancellation in case something happens and you have to call off the trip.

Stay safe!