Here are the Best Countries to Visit in South America

Photo by Hans Luiggi on Unsplash

South America is a stunning continent, and has some of the most incredible landscapes and vibrant culture of any continent. If you are into your mountains, rainforest, and lively cities, South America is the place to go. Here are three of the best countries to visit in South America.


Argentina is a country that is famous for its passion. From the tango dance that originated there, to the near-religious devotion many Argentinians have to football, Argentina is a country full of vibrant people. The city of Buenos Aires reflects this liveliness, and also has a European charm to it. Argentina also boasts some of the best landscapes, and the Andes stretch down its length, towards the stunning glaciers of Patagonia in the South.


Brazil is equally as passionate about football as Argentina, and has just as much vibrancy reflected in its buzzing cities and lively samba dancing. The city of Rio de Janeiro is packed with fascinating cultural things to explore, whilst the Amazon Rainforest is one of the most incredible natural wonders of the world.


Peru has some of the most incredible landscapes in the world, most famously epitomised by Machu Picchu, the remains of a lost city built high up in the Andes. The capital of Peru, Lima, is also a center of culture, and has a very unique feel as well as some interesting architecture.