Here are 3 Underrated Cities to Plan a Trip to

Dusseldorf, Germany
Photo by Nicolas Peyrol on Unsplash

City breaks are a great way to explore the world. You can jump straight into bustling city life and gain a unique perspective on the local urban life. Many cities across the world have excellent displays of current life as well as some exciting pieces of history dotted around. There are plenty of cities which are known for their attractions and are super popular with tourists. However, this doesn’t mean that lesser-known cities are not interesting, and there are many underrated cities across the world that are well worth a visit. Here are some to add to your travel list. 

Seoul, South Korea

This huge, vibrant city is the capital of South Korea and has a fascinating mixture of impressive skyscrapers, ancient temples and monuments, street markets, and modern culture. There’s something to please everyone here, from exciting shops and restaurants to gorgeous gardens and historic sites.

Düsseldorf, Germany

The beautiful Rhine River divides this charming city in two and is a lovely feature, perfect to wander along and soak in the calm ambiance. This city is also known for its art and fashion scene and has a picturesque Old Town with stunning 13th-century churches and towers. 

Oaxaca, Mexico

This historic city is filled with traditions and cultures that are unique and special. Along with this fascinating history, this city is well-known for its incredible food scene and is the birthplace of corn and squash. There’s also some incredible wildlife to spot in the local area.