Image via lifeofkrisprice/Instagram

Whoever said you can’t be in two places at once has clearly never visited Derby Line, Vermont or Stanstead, Quebec, whose municipal lines cross over each other at their shared landmarks: the Haskell Free Library and the Opera House.

In 1904, widowed local arts patron Martha Stewart Haskell decided to build a cultural center that both towns could enjoy, so she strategically built the house directly upon the demarcation line which straddles both the US and Canada. Today, employees of this landmark have placed a thick black tape on the floor which shows where the US ends and Canada begins.

It’s fun to be able to say you’re watching a musical show from your seat on US soil while the performers are on stage in Canada, or to browse the library stacks in Canada but check out your books in the US.

Though the only entrance to the building is on the American side, Canadians luckily don’t have to have a passport to enter, thus maintaining the original philanthropist’s vision she created over a century ago.