Head to These Cities if You’re an Art Lover

People Watching the Mona Lisa Painting the Louvre Museum in Paris
Paris, France. Photo by Chinar Minar via Pexels

Art is one of humanity’s most beautiful and impressive feats. The creativity of people and the vast range of pieces that people produce are incredible. If you’re an art lover who also enjoys traveling, then it’s a wonderful thing to head to places that offer an exciting art scene. Here are some of the best cities around the world. 

Florence, Italy

For lovers of Renaissance art and history, this beautiful Italian city is the perfect destination. With the legendary Michelangelo born there and spending much of his life there, this city is full of stunning reminders of those influential times including some fantastic galleries and museums. 

New York, USA

With the iconic Met and the Museum of Modern Art, there is an abundance of world-famous pieces to enjoy. As well as this, it’s known for being a place that inspires and encourages new artists to spread their vision. 

Tokyo, Japan

Traditional Japanese art is popular across the world, and the buzzing capital city is a great place to learn more about it and see it up close. As well as this, there are galleries and museums offering insight into art from lots of other places around the world. 

São Paulo, Brazil

This buzzing metropolis has some unique contributions to the art world. The fantastic São Paulo Museum of Modern Art has some of the best modern art, and the streets of the city are filled with beautiful murals and clever graffiti which shows off the local talent.