Have You Visited Namibia Yet?

View of Swakopmund, Namibia. Image by javarman/Depositphotos

Namibia is an amazing, advanced, and fascinating country, combining the developed West with traditional Africa.

On a trip to Namibia, you will travel among beautiful nature reserves, royal wildlife, archeological remains, and tribal villages, alongside resort towns.

Namibia is a very large country, located in southwestern Africa on the Atlantic coast and bordering South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Angola. It is a charming tourist destination, with desert scenery, beautiful sites, and good tourism infrastructure.

Among the tourist attractions in Namibia, you can visit the village of the Himba tribe which preserves ancient traditions

You can also visit the stunning orange dunes of Sesriem. The dunes are an unusual sight, especially at sunrise. It is advisable to reach Sassariam early in the morning, and drive towards Sososwali, to climb one of the dunes. 


Another impressive sight is the Cape Cross Reserve with tens of thousands of seals lying along the shore.

If you want a more pampering trip, consider Swakopmund, a resort town, nestled on the Atlantic coast. Most of the buildings in the city were built in the early twentieth century, and the food and cakes are typical of German cuisine.

A visit to Namibia will leave you breathless and will win your heart.