Have You Seen These Themed Planes?

Over the past couple of decades, airlines have really upped their game by teaming up with networks, amusement parks, and other companies to create themed planes. The exteriors and interiors are revamped with your favorite cartoons and movie characters. Check these ones out!

Disney & Pixar, Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has created Disney-themed planes with the “Disneyland” logo and characters including Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and the Cars crew as well as a Pixar Toy Story-themed plane.

Star Wars, All Nippon Airways

Although United Airlines also has a Star Wars-themed aircraft, All Nippon was the first to release the R2-D2 design which is covered in the signature blue and silver colors of the R2-D2 and features the Star Wars logo. The cockpit and front half of the plane are designed to look like the shape of the droid.

Disney Magic Plane, WestJet

In collaboration with WestJet, WestJet Vacations, and Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, this plane has 36 different colors of paint and took 26 painters working around the clock over 24 days to complete the job. The headrests inside have been custom designed with star patterns and they hand out cookies shaped like Disney characters.

Pokémon Plane, All Nippon Airways

Back in 1998, All Nippon Airways released four jets that featured Pokémon characters on the inside and outside of the planes. While onboard, passengers got themed headsets, cups, entertainment, and souvenirs, and flight attendants wore Pokémon aprons. Sadly, the planes have since been retired.

Hello Kitty, EVA Airways

Taiwanese carrier EVA Air’s Hello Kitty plane features 19 characters including Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel. You’ll receive a boarding pass with Sanrio characters, Sanrio luggage tags, as well as Hello Kitty-themed items while onboard.