Guatemala’s Most Impressive Mayan Ruins

Photo by Jimmy Baum on Unsplash

Mayan ruins are one of the biggest draws for any traveler to the Central American country of Guatemala. While Mexico’s southern reaches might have more famous sites such as Chichen Itza, there is also plenty to be discovered in its southern neighbor. Add these Mayan ruins to your list of spots to hit the next time you head to Guatemala.


Located in the Western Highlands of Guatemala is Iximché, the capital of the Mayan kingdom from 1470 to 1524. Over 160 structures can be explored at this site, including castles, towers, and homes. Mayan rituals are also done by indigenous Guatemalans on special occasions, bringing Mayan culture to life.


Heading to the northern rainforests of the country, you will find Tikal, a remote site where an abandoned city was discovered by Europeans after being led there in the mid-1800s. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, several temples, pyramids, and pieces of artwork are immaculately preserved here.


Another incredible place that is located in the Western Highlands is Zaculeu. Located on the side of a hill in the outskirts of the modern city of Huehueteco, you’ll find preserved pyramids and temples here along with a museum.