Google Updated Its Travel Site With Useful Features

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The new feature on Google’s travel site now tells you when is the best time to go somewhere based on factors like weather, prices, and crowds. This can be extremely useful if you’re flexible with travel dates as it will allow you to spend a few days more on your trip by helping you save money or you can use it to save time by avoiding the most crowded dates and places.

The new feature makes Google travel planner perfect for planning any kind of trip. Whether you’re going somewhere for a weekend or much longer, it offers you all the info you need in one place. From your flight and accommodation information to tips on what to do at each location, it really doesn’t get any better than this.

Google Travel merges several of the company’s apps and services, including Google Maps, Google Flights, and Google Trips that closed in August 2019. Everything is in one place now, convenient for any user who likes to have control over the upcoming trips.