Get to Know The White City of Bolivia

Cityscape of Sucre, Bolivia.
Cityscape of Sucre, Bolivia. Image by sunsinger/Depositphotos

Most people have never heard of the Bolivian city of Sucre, and that’s their loss. Sucre is actually technically the capital of Bolivia, though the city of La Paz holds a lot of governmental power as well. Sucre has been an incredibly influential city for over 10,000 years when it was inhabited by the indigenous people, followed by the Incas in the 15th century and then finally the Spanish who colonized it shortly after. Sucre is also referred to as the White City because of all the white colonial buildings the Spanish built.

There are many great sites to see in this city, including the Plaza 25 de Mayo which is the main square of the city. Not only is it the main meeting place in the city, but it’s also home to famous buildings like the Cathedral and Casa de La Libertad. Go inside the 16th-century cathedral and see the beautiful artwork and check out the Casa de La Libertad where Bolivia first got its independence from Spain.

When you go to the plaza, you’ll see all sorts of people and vendors, and you might even catch a little theatrical performance if you’re lucky! Don’t miss out on the food vendors you’ll see in the plaza because they sell some super delicious bites.