Get the Most Magical Bali Swing Photos with These Useful Tips

Photo by Christopher Alvarenga on Unsplash

Ubud’s Bali Swing is often hailed as one of the most Instagram-friendly spots in the entire world, and if you don’t have countless amazing photos by the end of your visit—it’s like you were never there. Make sure your photos are as magical as you want them to be with these useful tips.

Dress to Impress

Your outfit can make or break your Bali Swing photo. If you don’t have a beautiful, flowy dress to wear for the occasion, you can rent one on the spot. Go with lighter colors that will truly stand out in the pictures.

Prepare to Pay

There are many picture-perfect swings in Bali, but if you want to check out the official Bali Swing, get ready to break the bank. If you want the full experience, including rides on several different swings and nests, get ready to pay $35 for the entrance. It’s best to have company because you’ll have to pay extra if you want in-house photographers to take your pictures.

Perfect Timing

The official Bali Swing is one of those places that’s always crowded, but the earlier you get there, the better. Be there at opening hour and you’ll have enough time to explore everything without dealing with too much pressure as other people wait to get on the swings.