Get a Taste of the 1700s in Colonial Williamsburg

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel back in time to the 1700s? We might not have time machines yet, but for now, Colonial Williamsburg in the American state of Virginia is the closest thing out there!

Settlers began to arrive in the area of what is now Williamsburg in the 16th century and it became colonial Virginia’s capital in the 18th century before American independence in 1776.

Now, Colonial Williamsburg has been turned into a living history museum where visitors can visit original and reconstructed buildings from the area, see historical reenactments, and really feel as if they have traveled back in time.

Highlights in Colonial Williamsburg include era-specific shops which have demonstrations of how to make products such as wigs, the original 18th century town courthouse, and the beautiful gardens at the reconstructed Governor’s Palace.

An entire community of people which works to make as faithful a reenactment of life over 250 years ago make this one of the most fascinating places for history buffs to visit in the entire world.

Be sure to add this Virginia highlight to your list of places to visit and get lost in life as it was centuries ago.