Follow These Simple Tips to Avoid Long Lines at Disney Theme Park

Disney World in Orlando, Florida
Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Photo by Igor Menezes on Unsplash

Disney theme parks offer a fantastic experience if you are patient enough. But if you are not, then you might struggle with waiting in long lines for almost every ride.

Now, there are three ways to deal with this. The first is not to go on rides and miss out, something we don’t recommend. The second one is to train your patience, which we know can sometimes be a challenge. And the third is to simply follow these tips and avoid long lines altogether.

Avoid Visiting During Peak Seasons

If you visit in the summer or around holidays, then there is basically nothing you can do to avoid lines due to huge crowds. However, if you leave your Disney theme park visit for the off-season, you will learn that the lines are actually not that long.

Get There Before It’s Open

One of the best ways to avoid long lines at Disney theme parks is to go on rides before they are formed. Get in front of the gate before the park even opens, and you will ensure you are one of the first people taking the rides. Then you can spend the rest of the day doing other activities.

Use “Single Rider” Line

Some of Disney’s rides have a “single rider “line that allows visitors to get to rides faster if they are riding solo. You will not be able to share the experience with your family or friends, but at least you won’t wait in long lines like them.

Skip the Shows and Special Events

Shows and special events like parades usually leave the rides abandoned because all the visitors want to be where the party is. If you are willing to miss that party, you can profit and go on rides without waiting.