Flying With Low-Cost Airlines Isn’t Always Worth It

Wizz Air
Photo by Artur Voznenko on Unsplash

Low-cost airlines can be a godsend for travelers on a tight budget, but they’re not always the amazing money-saver you’re seeking. In certain situations, booking a flight on a low-budget airline isn’t the best idea – and that happens to be the case with these three scenarios.

Expensive Baggage Fees

One of the biggest downsides of traveling with budget airlines are their pricy baggage fees. Even if you manage to find ultra-cheap tickets, you’ll have to pay extra to bring baggage on board – even a carry-on – and the cost of added luggage can sometimes outweigh the initial savings of a cheap ticket.

Going the Distance

Low-cost airlines are a great choice when your flight is two to three hours long, but things can get tricky when you’re on a long-haul journey. Limited legroom and the lack of onboard amenities will compromise your comfort, so it’s best to avoid budget airlines when you’re going the distance, especially if your trip involves layovers.

Price Compare

Low-cost flights often include many hidden expenses – and we’re not just talking about baggage. From cancelation fees, seat selection, and transportation to the airport, take all the hidden expenses into account, and then compare the ticket prices between budget and regular carriers before making the final verdict.