Flying in 2020? Check These 3 Things Before Buying the Ticket

Photo by James Stevenson on Unsplash

As more and more flights begin to be offered as travel restrictions are eased in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you might be looking at taking a flight in the coming months as part of your vacation.

While airplanes are generally considered a safe traveling method due to the constant air ventilation on-board, there are some things that you should still take into account and research before booking. Here they are.

Cancellation Policy

An airline’s cancellation policy is a critical thing to be aware of before booking a flight in 2020. If you were to get sick or if new travel restrictions were to be put in place, having the option to get at least a partial refund on the money you paid to fly is a big plus.

Flight Occupancy

Before booking most flights, airlines will offer you the chance to see the current seating situation on your flight. If you see that the flight is going to be close to full, it might be better to skip the one you’re looking at and find one with a little bit more social distance.

The Airline’s Social Distancing Practices 

Related to the previous point, it’s also smart to book with companies with a social distancing plan in place on board before flying. No matter how much the air is ventilated in an airplane cabin, it still isn’t a great idea to sit in a row jammed in with more people than necessary.