Five Bizarre Foods From Around The World

Breaded frog legs. Image by LenkaZ from Pixabay

We usually seek the best looking and tastiest food we can try in a certain region while traveling.

But there is another kind of a food traveler – the food adventurist looking for an uncommon feast and the world offers many types of food that you will think twice before putting in your mouth.

These are 5 of the most bizarre foods that you can find globally.

Frog Legs (France and East Asia)

Frogs are maybe the last thing that comes to mind when thinking of delicious meat, but this delicacy often finds its way on the dining tables in France and East Asia.

Surstromming (Sweden)

Basically a fermented herring, this food originates in Sweden and is famous for its unbelievably bad smell which made opening a surstromming can a challenge on YouTube.

Century Egg (China)

A treat only for the most adventurous ones, this Chinese delicacy is an egg that has been kept in a mixture of ash and clay for a couple of months turning the yolk green.

Haggis (Scotland)

No list of weird meals is complete without the famous Scottish haggis. This delicacy consists of a minced mixture of sheep internal organs mixed with vegetables and spices and prepared inside of a sheep’s stomach.

Jing Leed (Thailand)

If you have the stomach for it you can try this street food in Thailand! It’s basically fried grasshoppers seasoned with multiple spices depending on the region.