Essaouira is a Dreamy Moroccan Beach Town

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

Morocco is a North African country filled with beautiful cities and dreamy, unforgettable landscapes.

While most of us probably associate the country with the Sahara desert and cities like Marrakesh, did you know that there’s an Atlantic coastal city where you can visit the beach and see a 16th-century fort?

Essaouira is a relatively isolated city on Morocco’s western coast, about 3 hours from Marrakesh by car.

If you’re looking for a unique Moroccan experience, you have to check out this small city and its port, beaches, markets, and fort.

Essaouira is a city that’s always lived and died with the sea. Visitors here can take a stroll around the city’s port area and see fishermen hawking their catch to visitors.

Located near the port is the city’s fort, which was built in the 16th century during a period of Portuguese occupation. Be sure to explore the old cannons and defensive walls and take lots of pictures.

Also, Essaouira contains a beautiful Atlantic beach known as Essaouira Beach. Resort-goers and residents alike enjoy soaking up the sun and surfing in the warm waters of the ocean here.

Finally, no visit to a Moroccan city would be complete without a stroll through its souks and markets. You can find these in Essaouira, where it’s possible to buy all kinds of fresh goodies and trinkets for a cheap price.

Check out Essaouira if you’re ever visiting Morocco!