Don’t Leave Manila Without Trying These Street Foods

Photo by Ramon Kagie on Unsplash

Manila is the capital of the Philippines and a city that’s grown in popularity in recent years as a fantastic destination for travelers. Much of the draw of Manila is related to its tastes and smells, and anyone who ends up visiting this Southeast Asia metropolis will undoubtedly spend plenty of time eating.

So, what are the foods that you cannot leave Manila without sampling on the streets? Check out these three that you have to taste!

Banana Cue

This funny play on words combines “banana” and “barbecue” is a sweet snack that Manila residents and visitors love. Saba bananas are fried in oil and then covered in caramelized brown sugar for a treat that’ll give you a sugar rush.

Kwek Kwek

Have you ever tried a deep-fried duck egg before? This might not be a popular food in many places, but in Manila, it is a common street food that is sold by vendors who often have their own special sauce to dip these treats in. It’s unique but delicious!

Squid Balls

Located in close proximity to the ocean, Manila has access to all kinds of fresh seafood. One product that is often eaten and consumed in the city is squid, which is commonly sold by street vendors fried in batter in little delicious balls.