Discover the Ancient City of Nikko, Japan

Nikko is an ancient city tucked away in the misty mountains north of Tokyo. The ancient city is built in a sacred spot and boasts a number of architectural and religious treasures. Here are some of the sights that you’ve got to take a look at.

Shinkyo Bridge

Perhaps the most famous feature of this beautiful part of the world is Shinkyo Bridge. Built in the 1600s, the wonderfully intricate red bridge is a relatively new addition to the area. It said to be the gateway to Nikko.

Photo by Lyndon Li on Unsplash

Daiya River

A gushing river runs through the mountains, past the city, and under our Shinkyo bridge. It is worshiped in traditional Japanese religion. If you spend enough time with it, you can feel its soul and personality for yourself.

Photo by Hoang Dang on Unsplash

Shinto Shrine

Near the river and the bridge is an ancient Shinto shrine, built in 767. This is a beautiful traditional Japanese sacred structure used to house sacred objects.

Tosho-gu Shrine

In addition to the Shinto shrine, the city also has the Tosho-gu shrine. The shrine is home to a 17th-century carving which is said to be the origin of the proverb or The Wise Monkeys.