Did You Know That You Can Visit a Butterfly Centre in Zanzibar?

Photo by Jasmina Ajkic on Unsplash

Most people visit Zanzibar for its beautiful, sun-kissed beaches, but there’s more to this African archipelago than meets the eye. Nature lovers and fans of eco-tourism will feel right at home during their visit, especially if they decide to check out the Zanzibar Butterfly Centre.

Located in close proximity to the Jozani National Park, in the small village of Pete, this popular tourist attraction is home to an impressive live display of Tanzanian butterflies. They are raised in collaboration with around 40 local farmers residing in Pete, providing extra income for the impoverished communities and promoting conservation along the way.

Guided tours at the Zanzibar Butterfly Centre are a pretty unique experience. They offer the opportunity to learn more about the life stages of a butterfly, get a new understanding of the importance of the conservation of the tropical forest, and see many butterflies flying around—or even have them land on your hand if you’re lucky enough.

Zanzibar’s Butterfly Centre is open to visitors every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and it’s especially popular with families. The general admission fee is set at $6, while kids pay half the price, and the largest part of the proceeds directly supports the farmers who are making this project possible.