Delicious Street Food In Singapore

Photo by Joyce Romero on Unsplash

Singapore is an island country created by waves of immigration from southern India, Malaysia, and Indian provinces of southern China.

These immigrants brought with them their culture, their customs and believes, and of course, cuisine. Perhaps the most delightful way to get to know the Singaporean culture is through its food.

In Singapore, you can find restaurants and food stalls that combine a good quality-price ratio. You can find them on every street, but most of all in the many centers of food stalls, which in malls are called Food Courts and in markets “Hawker Centers”.

At the food stalls in the markets, you will find almost every type of food, and prices start from two Singapore Dollars per meal. In these centers, stalls operate side by side serving food from their owners’ places of origin: from southern India and the north, Chinese food from Hainan and Beijing, and Muslim Malaysian food. You can even find crocodile and frog meat on the market stalls!

Although it is difficult to find vegetarian or vegan food in Singapore, the selection is large and the food will always be fresh and usually very spicy and delicious.