Cycling From Belgium to The Netherlands

Photo by Coen van de Broek on Unsplash

As the pandemic continues, travel as we used to know it continues to change. Socially distanced activities are the norm, and cycling is an excellent way to both travel and maintain your distance.

For those looking for a way to travel while following current pandemic protocols, a cycling trip between Belgium and the Netherlands might just be perfect for you.

You have two options for starting your trip. You can begin in Belgium on the coast, usually in Knokke or Ostend. Or, you can start in the Netherlands in Zeeland. Zeeland has a number of towns like Breskens which are very picturesque. Whatever route you decide to take, it will give you the chance to cycle along the shoreline of both countries. 

You should stop along the way, and enjoy the Belgian and Dutch coastline. Each of the seaside towns has its own charms, and Knokke is known as the Hamptons of Belgium. You may want to end your cycling tour here and enjoy a few days in the sun. After all, Belgium is known for four things: beer, waffles, chocolate, and French fries. Those are basically the four most delicious foods and drink on the planet. You won’t be disappointed by this socially distanced adventure!