The Crystal Mosque is Malaysia’s Most Spectacular Place of Worship

Image by Danny See Chuan Seng from Pixabay

Spectacular mosques can be found all over Asia, but one of the most extravagant ones just happens to be located in Malaysia. Crystal Mosque is the most awe-inspiring place of worship in this country and it’s the pinnacle of modern Islamic architecture.

Masjid Kristal is the top attraction of the small island called Wan Man, located within the city limits of Kuala Terengganu. This island is home to Islamic Heritage Park, which opened its doors to visitors in 2008, and also features replicas of other popular landmarks, including Taj Mahal and Dome of the Rock.

Crystal Mosque is still the main reason why tourists visit this island, and it can welcome around 1.500 visitors at the time. It took $80 million to complete this imposing structure, made of steel, glass, and crystal.

Despite the fact it’s used for religious purposes, this mosque is much more modern than other buildings of its kind, and it’s even connected with wireless internet. It looks even more spectacular when it’s illuminated from the inside, making glass domes shiny in the process.