Common Travel Saving Hacks That Aren’t Actually Saving You Money

Photo by Hannah Reding on Unsplash

If you’re constantly traveling on a budget and looking for new ways to save some extra cash, you’ll be tempted to try each new saving trick you hear of, but these three simply aren’t worth it.

Uber Rides

Sure, Uber is much cheaper than a regular taxi, but is it the most affordable option you can think of? Public transportation is a much cheaper alternative, and you should consider giving it a try, especially since it will help you feel like a local in a new city.

Outskirts Accommodation

Accommodation on the outskirts of the city usually comes with a lower price tag, but it won’t actually save you that much money or time. After spending extra cash on transportation costs, you’ll actually end up losing a lot of money, especially if you’re not using public transportation.

Off-Peak Hours

Flights that take place during off-peak hours can save you a lot of money, but they can be a waste if you haven’t scheduled them accordingly. If your plane is reaching the destination late at night, you’ll have to pay for accommodation without actually exploring the city that day, and that’s why these types of flights are best avoided.