Combarro is Spain’s Most Beautiful Coastal Town

Image by MAGIC BOIRO, SL BOIRO from Pixabay

Located in the northwestern part of Spain, the region of Galicia is a unique land that looks nothing like the typical image of the country that most of us have. With green landscapes, a rainy climate, and Celtic roots, Galicia is most definitely a place that is worth experiencing for yourself.

Within Galicia is the small, charming town of Combarro, which definitely has my vote as Spain’s most beautiful coastal village. 

This tiny village of only 1,768 residents is known as the capital of the horreo. This word refers to a type of elevated granary that is found throughout Galicia. These granite constructions were built in the olden days to serve as storage units for grains and crops. 

Protected by law, Combarro is home to over thirty horreos that are perched just above the ocean in an incredibly picturesque setting.

The small houses that are found in the center of Combarro were once the homes of fishermen and sailors that lived in this town and used the sea as their source of income. Now, they are still populated by some of these workers as well as their descendants, who beautifully decorate the exteriors of their homes with flowers and other adornments.

If you find yourself in Galicia, be sure to take the time to visit this beautiful and magical village.