Climb Mt. Elbrus: the Highest Mountain in Europe

Photo by Rustam Altuev on Unsplash

Every mountaineer’s dream is to climb the “7 summits”—the tallest mountains of each continent. While some require extreme experience and are very dangerous (Everest), and some are expensive and hard to get to (Antarctica), Mt. Elbrus is the perfect combination of a challenge that is attainable for many experience levels.

During the pandemic, some camps have been shut down and although things are starting to reopen, this trip is recommended for 2021.

There are four routes to reach the summit, but the South one is the easiest and the most popular. Although it is suggested to go with a guide, this route can be done without one if you are experienced enough.

On this route, there are many station camps to sleep at, known as “barrel huts”. They start from cheap, basic shelters to beds with mattresses and stoves. If you want to carry your own gear, you can bring your own tent and pitch it wherever you want!

The mountain is located in Southern Russia at the Western Caucasus and can be accessed with flights from Moscow or St. Petersburg. The 18,510-foot mountain will take about 4-5 days to climb and has incredible views all the way up!