Choose the Right Accommodation By Properly Checking Booking’s Reviews

A hotel room
Photo by Eunice Stahl on Unsplash

Reading reviews is one of the first steps you should take when looking for travel accommodation. If you’re using to complete this task, you’ll be happy to hear they made it easy to go through reviews without reading all of them by paying extra attention to these three things.

Check the Rating

Most travelers use accommodation rating as the jumping-off point and skip places with a bad grade. Rating is the general assessment of guests’ satisfaction, but you shouldn’t make a booking solely based on this number before actually getting to some reviews.

Category Ratings

Booking also offers ratings of several different properties of apartment or hotel that you’re booking, such as cleanliness, comfort, location, and staff. If any of these categories happens to be your no. 1 priority, these grades will help you make the right choice.

Deep Dive

After looking at the grades, you can filter the reviews by searching through the topics that you’re extra-concerned about. Booking allows you to learn if past guests were satisfied with breakfast, internet connection, bathroom, kitchen, and many other factors of the property, and searching through these topics could help you make the final verdict.