Chocolate Lovers Have to Visit Turin, Italy

Image via rossandhelen/depositphotos

Although Brussels has been referred to as the “Chocolate Capital of the World” as it has the most chocolate shops in the world, there’s another European city that chocolate lovers shouldn’t overlook – Turin. The Italian city is not only the birthplace of the chocolate bar, but it also has a long history of chocolate making. You can even take a guided chocolate tour of Turin, which sounds amazing to us! Here are some authentic Turin chocolates you must try when you visit Italy.


The first chocolate bar as we know it today was made in Turin with a mixture called Gianduja – a chocolate spread with 30% hazelnut paste. It sounds similar to Nutella, right? In many shops throughout Turin, you’ll see Gianduja in oval-shaped sheets filled with hazelnuts.


This is the most famous chocolate from Turin and it’s named after the mask of Piedmont. The chocolate itself is slightly boat-shaped and it’s made from hazelnuts, cocoa, and sugar.


Bicerin was invented in Turin and it gained popularity throughout the 1700s. It’s a rich, hot drink which has milk, chocolate, sugar, and espresso and you can find it throughout the city. Vegans can also enjoy this delicious drink as there’s a vegan version at Miagola Cat Cafe.