Check Out Colorado’s Mesa Verde National Park

Photo by Alec Krum on Unsplash

Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado is home to ancient structures that date back to 13th- and 14th-century civilizations. The people who used to live here were known as the “Anasazi”, which was a name used by Navajo people that meant “ancient enemy”. The rectangular structures that are placed by cliffs and in other places are called Kivas. They were used for religious purposes.

“Currently, Mesa Verde has over 4,700 archaeological sites with many more yet to be revealed. The mission of the archaeological program at Mesa Verde National Park is to conduct, encourage, and facilitate archaeological and ethnographic research focused on prehistoric and historic occupations in Mesa Verde. Additionally, the program links research results to the regional histories of northern San Juan and greater Southwest,” Mesa Verde’s website reads.

The place became a national park over 100 years ago, in 1906. The main reason was the preservation of the archeological heritage. The park is believed to be home to the most preserved archaeological sites in the States.

The cliff dwellings are a big part of the park, but they are currently not available for visitors. However, you can visit many other sightseeing points, hiking trails, and scenic driving routes. And let’s not forget about the museum that holds incredible artifacts and more information for anyone interested to learn about this incredible place.

Mesa Verde National Park’s address is No.1 Navajo Hill, CO 81330.