Check Out Algeria’s Top Coastal Cities

Algeria, the capital city of Algiers. Photo by muha04/Depositphotos

Algeria, a vast country located between the Mediterranean Sea and the depths of the Sahara Desert, is a place that has a lot of cities that don’t get as much attention as they should. Metropolitan metropolises mix seamlessly with historic towns in this North African country of 43 million.

If you’re looking to plan a city break in Algeria, check out these three fantastic coastal options.


Algeria’s capital city is a delight for the senses and a fantastic example of modernity paired with antiquity. The skyscrapers that tower over the city’s Mediterranean coast are just as integral to this cosmopolitan city’s identity as the centuries-old Casbah market where locals do their shopping.


Oran, located on Algeria’s northwest Mediterranean coast, is a place that blends all kinds of cultural influences together. From the Spanish-built Santa Cruz Fort that towers over the city to the Turkish La Blanca old town, you will find a slice of all kinds of Mediterranean civilizations in this city.


Near the Tunisian border is the city of Annaba, whose importance throughout the years has been due to its status as an important seaport. Hippo Regius, the ruins of an ancient Roman city, show the origins of Annaba, while many French colonial-area buildings still stand tall above its seaside promenades.