Check Out These Fantastic Beaches In Australia

Photo by Alex King on Unsplash

Australia is home to amazing wildlife, nightlife, and general way of living. However, it’s proximity to the water plays a large role in all of those things. Australia has one of the longest shorelines in the world, over 22,000 miles of shoreline! Australia is home to more than 10,000 incredible beaches, and it is hard to imagine going there and not exploring some. If you are planning a trip to this phenomenally beautiful country that borders the Pacific, Indian, and Southern Oceans, check out these beaches and get going!

Bondi Beach, Sydney

One of the most iconic beaches in Australia, Bondi Beach attracts everyone from local surfers to visitors and everything in between.

75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island

Off the coast of Queensland is Fraser Island. The island is home to beautiful nature, including 75 Mile Beach. As it says in the name, the beach is actually 75 miles long and definitely worth the trip out there.

Main Beach, Noosa QLD

This beach is unique in it’s calmer waters and location right behind a nature preserve. It’s a wide beach and great for families.

Cable Beach, Broome

Located in Western Australia, check out this 14-mile white sanded beach, the most famous one in all of the region.