Cajun Lovers Who Want to See Beyond New Orleans, Check Out These Cities!

Image by cajun_chelle from Pixabay

Cajun cooking is rooted in tradition, be it the flavors or the cooking technique, especially in a place like New Orleans. However, there is amazing Cajun cooking go on outside of Louisiana, and if you’re a Cajun food lover, you have to see these places and try out their version of Cajun cooking.


About 350 miles west of Louisiana on the other side of the Gulf of Mexico is Houston, Texas.

Although Texas, in general, is known for Tex-Mex and their specific kind of BBQ, a lot of people don’t realize the city of Houston is booming with Cajun food. Not only is there Cajun food just as good as New Orleans, but it might also even be better with the addition of new traditions, set by the immigrants in the community.

One of the best-known styles is called Viet-Cajun, which is a combination of Vietnamese and Cajun, which go perfectly hand in hand.


This might be even more surprising, as few people would think of a Chinese city as being a hub for Cajun food. But, with a community of crawfish at their disposal, the people of Beijing have taken their own twist on Cajun food, using classic Cajun ingredients.