Bucket List Beaus: a Boat Trip In Yangshuo, China

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

When travelers plan their visit to China, it usually revolves around the Great Wall, the Shanghai skyline or a trip to Hong Kong. People often forget about the incredible rural landscapes of South China.

Yangshuo is one of these remarkable places. The scenery here is so incredible that it actually features on the back of the twenty yen note. Yangshuo country is just a six-hour bus ride from Zhuhai, which is less than an hour away from Hong Kong and Macau by ferry.

Everything is exceptionally cheap once you get there. Comfortable hotel stays will cost you around five dollars and the delicious food will cost you small handfuls of change. The views don’t cost a dime and taking a boat trip into the mountains is bound to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Whether you go at sunset, on a sunny day or in the rain, the rolling hills and still waters are bound to impress.

So yes, Shanghai is great. But why not lose yourself in a stunning natural landscape on your next trip to Asia. You won’t be disappointed.

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