Book Lovers Will Feel Right at Home at Mexico City’s Biblioteca Vasconcelos

Image by Nan Palmero/Flickr

Mexico City won’t leave you disappointed if you’re a passionate bookworm looking for amazing bookstores, libraries, and book cafés. One of the best places that every bibliophile has to check out in this city is the iconic mega library, Biblioteca Vasconcelos.

Named after Mexican writer and philosopher José Vasconcelos, this spectacular library was designed by architects Alberto Kalach and Juan Palomar. It covers a total of 38,000 square meters, filled with books and several breathtaking sculptures—most notably Gabriel Orozco’s Whale, which serves as its centerpiece.

Biblioteca Vasconcelos is equally appreciated by both book and architecture lovers. It’s home to a great selection of books in multiple languages that cover six floors AND you can spend your visit without actually reading anything, and still be transfixed by its transparent walls, a network of balconies, and paths leading to stacked shelves.

This gorgeous public library is open to visitors every day between 8:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. It’s one of the most popular landmarks in the Buenavista neighborhood, located in the historic center of Mexico City and easily accessible from Buenavista metro station.