Bogotá, Colombia is Full Of Treasures For Travelers

La Candelaria, Bogotá, Colombia

Bogotá is the capital city of Columbia and was found in the early 16th century. The city is one that is sprawling, with a land area that is more than twice that of New York City. Throughout the different neighborhoods of Bogotá you will find incredible museums, food, and a lot of cultural diversity. Although its reputation has not always been good, Bogotá is turning a new leaf and promises great adventure for tourists.

What to Do

Museo del Oro, or the Gold Museum, is one of the most well-known museums in the city for good reasons. The museum displays more than 50,000 pieces of artifacts all made from gold, and all from the period of time before the Spanish colonized the country. What is also great about this museum is that all the information is in both English and Spanish, perfect for travelers.

Museo de Botero is another must-see museum, which celebrates the Colombian artist Fernando Botero. His style of painting includes exaggerating the features of his subjects, usually making them unusually fat. The museum also holds works by many other famous artists, and on top of everything, the admission is free. This is one place you can’t afford to miss.

Along with all the art in museums, you can find some amazing street art in Bogotá as well. You can actually book a tour to see all the different and most famous street art because there is so much to see! Most of the street artists have actually attended academies to study art, and they bring so much life and joy to the city.

Cerro Monserrate

Cerro Monserrate is a mountain that looks over the entire city at more than 10,000 feet above sea level. You can hike to the top, take a funicular, or an aerial tram to the top. But, no matter how you get there when you do, you have to check out the church and shrine dedicated to “The Fallen Lord”. Many people make the journey just to pay respects and pray to the shrine since it’s creation in the 17th century.

Where and What to Eat

Andrés Carne de Res is an absolute experience that you must have while you’re in Bogotá. The restaurant seats 2,000 people and is not only a restaurant but also has entertainers and is open until 3 am on the weekends.

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El Ciervo y El Oso is another restaurant you need to try when you’re in Bogotá. This restaurant caters to both vegetarians and meat eaters, which is perfect for anyone with dietary limitations. It is also a restaurant that prioritizes local ingredients and traditional Colombian dishes with a modern twist.

Colombia is well known for all the fruits available that most people outside of the country have probably seen before. This is because of its close proximity to the Colombian Amazon, which is abundant with exotic fruits. Some of them to look out for are guanabana, lulo, mamoncillo, and more. You can usually find fruit vendors on the street and it’s worth it to stop and have a look!