Beyond The Capital: The Underrated Small Towns of England

Photo by Vadim Sherbakov on Unsplash

When visiting England, most people jump at the opportunity to visit the country’s capital, London. While London is an incredibly multicultural city with plenty to offer, there is a whole other side of England that tourists often miss out on. Here are some of the underrated towns you can visit instead.


Located in the South of England, Rye is a beautiful historic town which looks like something out of an old English novel. It is also not far from Whitstable, which is a wonderful place for camping and hiking.


Located in Cornwall, Tintagel is the magical location of King Arthur’s castle. The historical town is the perfect place to take a look into Medieval history and we recommend checking out the witchcraft museum while you are there. Be sure to grab a Cornish pastie too.


Stratford-Upon-Avon is a beautiful Medieval town where you can visit the birthplace of William Shakespeare. It’s also home to the Royal Shakespeare Company theater where fabulous plays from The Bard are put on all year round.


If you’re looking for an English experience which resembles Cameron Diaz’ experience in The Holiday, Oxford is a delightfully charming English town with picturesque views and friendly locals.


Also located in the South, Bath is a beautiful town in Summerset. The old Roman and Georgian spa city is famous for its hot springs and gorgeous historical architecture.