Beyond Magaluf: The Other Side of Mallorca

Photo by Iryna Petrunko on Unsplash

Mallorca is known by many for its popular party town, Magaluf. The Catalonyun island has far more to offer beyond its nightlife. Here is a guide to its most beautiful and charming areas.

Port de Soller

Why We Love It: Port de Soller is a beautiful, secluded part of Mallorca. There is lots of nature surrounding and colorful trams ride along the cobbled roads.


Why We Love It: Palma is Mallorca’s rich cultural capital. It contains a collection of museums and art galleries, featuring the works of Gaudi and Dali. The gothic cathedral is also a stunning attraction.

Palma de Playa

Why We Love It: Who doesn’t love a beach? Palma de Playa also hosts some of the best nightlife outside Magaluf.


Why We Love It: Valldemossa is a beautiful old village with cobbled roads and charming homes. It’s a great place to get a feel for the “real Catalonia”.


Why We Love It: Pollenca is another charming neighborhood with a historic feel. You climb the steps up to the church for an amazing view of Mallorca. There is also a fabulous market on the weekends.