Best Ways to Save Money on Expensive Baggage Fees

Flying is the most comfortable way to travel, but it’s not the cheapest option on the market – especially once you have to pay expensive baggage fees. Luckily, they can be avoided if you follow these three easy steps.

Travel Light

The easier way to fly without paying any extra baggage fees is to travel with nothing else but a carry-on. It may seem like an impossible task, but it’s easy to pull off if your trip is not too long, or if you intend to do your laundry on a regular basis.

Perfect Size

If you’re yet to buy a suitcase for your travels, pick the one in a perfect size. Unfortunately, different airlines have different rules when it comes to this, but make sure to do your research. Compare the sizes of the companies you’re using the most, and make sure the suitcase you pick fits their requirements.

Right Airline

Budget airlines will always make you pay extra for checked-in luggage, and there are times when this really doesn’t pay off. Compare prices before buying a ticket, and pick the option that works best for you.