Best Ways to Meet New People When You’re Staying at Private Accommodation

Photo by Mukiibi John Elijah on Unsplash

If you enjoy meeting new people, staying at a hostel is the best way to do it, but what if you don’t enjoy this kind of accommodation? Getting in touch with fellow travelers and locals is still possible if you’re staying at private accommodation, and here are a few interesting options.

Guided Tours

Joining a free tour is the best way to meet fellow travelers. You may even hit it off and make a plan to explore the rest of the city by each other’s side. Joining paid guided tours and day trips to the surrounding area is also an option.

Interesting Classes

You can also consider signing up for cooking, yoga, or art class while in a new city if you’re staying for long enough. The groups will be smaller, so you’ll have a better chance to interact with new people who share common interests.

Facebook Groups

You can start looking for friends before even reaching your next destination. There are many travel-themed groups on Facebook where you can look for like-minded locals who want to meet up or show you their home town.