Best Ways to Explore San Francisco on a Budget

San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge. Photo by Vitaly Taranov on Unsplash

San Francisco is often described as one of the most expensive cities in the U.S., but that shouldn’t discourage you from seeing it in person. Even if you’re traveling on a budget, you can still explore this city without breaking the bank if you take these three steps.

Free Attractions

The Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Lombard Street, PIER 39, the Painted Ladies … Most of the main tourist attractions that pop to mind when someone mentions San Francisco are outdoorsy and you can visit them free of charge.

Getting Around

San Francisco is a relatively small city when compared to some other American metropolises, and renting a car during your stay is a waste of money. Its public transportation system is also much better and easier to use than in most other cities, so why not put it to some good use?

Cheaper Accommodation

Finding cheap accommodation in San Francisco is the most difficult part, but the same tips apply to any other place. Give Couchsurfing a try if you still haven’t and consider staying at a hostel to lower your expenses and meet some new people.