Best Places to Visit as a Solo Traveler

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala. Photo by Parker Hilton on Unsplash

If you’re interested in exploring the world as a solo traveler, then you probably realize that things might feel a little different compared to when you travel with family and friends. Still, by visiting the right places, solo trips can be just as fun and fulfilling, albeit in a different way. Here are some of the best places to visit as a solo traveler.


Filled with mystical castles, palaces, hiking trails, and rolling hills, Portugal is an ideal country to visit if you would like to bask in nature. What’s more, there is plenty of delicious local food to bite down on, such as the creamy pastel de nata dessert, and plenty of seafood.


What’s great about this East Asian nation is its high level of safety, making it ideal for female solo travelers and anyone not wanting to look over their shoulder. In fact, there are female-only train carriages, making travel safer for women looking to explore the country on their own. What’s more, dining alone is viewed as normal in Japan, meaning you don’t have to feel awkward as you sit on your own.


With its growing amount of hostels and tour routes throughout its cities and nature, this Central American paradise is perfect for a tropical yet active vacation. From Lake Atitlán to the pyramids of Tikal, Guatemala is filled with wondrous sights that will be sure to create a holiday to remember.