Best Places in Europe to Try Delicious Pastry Trdelník

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

If you like trying new tasty pastries in every new country you go to, trdelník is one of Europe’s must-have. You might know this tasty Czech spit cake by a different name because several other nations came up with their own versions – and here are the best places where you can try it.

The Czech Republic

You won’t have any trouble finding a mouth-watering trdelník during your visit to Prague. This pastry is sold on pretty much every street corner of the Czech capital, and you can find the most delicious variations in this city since it’s one of their most popular dessert options.


The Hungarian version of this tasty pastry is known by the name of kürtőskalács. You can try it during your visit to Budapest, but don’t by disappointed if it’s not as colorful and elaborate as its Czech version.


Trdelník can also be bought in many German cities, so you don’t have to go to Prague or Budapest to give it a try. Just ask for baumstriezel, and we promise that your sweet tooth will thank you for this tasty treat.