Best Hotels for Your Next Vacation in Costa Rica

People enjoying a pool in the jungle
Costa Rica. Photo by Nat Fernández on Unsplash

Known for its extraordinary biodiversity, ranging from its jungles to its volcanoes and beaches, Costa Rica is the ideal holiday destination for nature-loving explorers. Still, no visit to this Central American paradise is complete without the right accommodation. Here are the best hotels for your next vacation in Costa Rica.

Nayara Tented Camp

If getting in touch with nature is your priority, then the Nayara Tented Camp is the place to stay. Surrounded by toucans, parrots, and sloths among other exotic wildlife, this camp provides luxury tented lodges for you to stay in along with personal pools, helping you become one with nature in style.

Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica

For family adventures, it doesn’t get better than the Four Seasons Resort. In addition to spa treatments and fine dining, this Four Seasons establishment offers an array of wilderness hikes, photography sessions, and canoe rides.

Cielo Lodge

Keeping you in touch with Costa Rica’s ecology is the Cielo Lodge, surrounded by rivers, waterfalls, and jungles. This tranquil resort comes with alluring amenities including an infinity pool overlooking the Golfito Bay fjord and a restaurant with a magnificent view of Costa Rica’s wondrous landscape. What’s more, if you’re seeking adventure, there are plenty of activities including morning bird walks, nighttime frog walks, and cooking alongside Cielo Lodge’s professional chefs.